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Eating Out: Drama Camp

by Jack Gardner
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Oct 28, 2011
Eating Out: Drama Camp

Movie sequels usually pale in comparison to their predecessors, especially when you are two or three movies removed from the original, however Eating Out: Drama Camp is nearly as funny as the original "Eating Out."

One of the main reasons that "Eating Out: Drama Camp" outshines "Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds" and the abysmal "Eating Out: All You Can Eat" is that Q. Allan Brocka, the writer and director of the original "Eating Out," is once again at the helm. The script is funny and the dialogue sharp even when the content is completely silly.

The plot of "Eating Out: Drama Camp" concerns a group of friends who attend Dick Dickey's Drama Camp and during their two week stay learn about themselves and their relationships. It's not the most original plot but it is approached in clever and funny ways.

Eating Out: Drama Camp is a good laugh and a bit of gratuitous male nudity.

Chris Salvatore as Zack, Daniel Skelton as Casey and Aaron Milo as Benji give entertaining performances in the lead roles but often times the actors playing the smaller roles such as Lilach Mendelovich as Penny and Mink Stole as Aunt Helen steal the show. Also featured are bits of gratuitous nudity from Ronnie Kroell and Steven Daigle who are both pleasant pieces of eye candy.

One of my complaints about "Eating Out: Drama Camp" is that Chris Salvatore's bushy eyebrows and poor make up were frequently distracting from the film. Salvatore is a very handsome man but makeup artist Ricky Flores apparently did not know what to do with him.

My biggest complaint however is the music video scene in the middle of the movie. Regardless of how much auto-tune is applied, the simple fact of the matter is that Chris Salvatore cannot sing. This scene is best served by hitting the next chapter button on your DVD player. It does nothing to further the plot and your ears will thank you.

"Eating Out: Drama Camp" is not high art; It is not really even a very good movie, but it is tremendously entertaining. I'm looking forward to seeing the next Eating Out movie because I'm always up for a good laugh and a bit of gratuitous male nudity.

Jack Gardner has been producing theater in Dallas and Fort Lauderdale for the past 8 years. He has performed in operas, musicals and dramatic works as well as doing voice-over and radio work. Jack lives in South Florida with his three dogs.


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