by Jake Mulligan
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday May 3, 2012

One of the seminal high school films of the post-John Hughes era, Amy Heckerling's "Clueless" arrives on Blu-ray with a disc sure to please any fans of the "as if!" generation. Starring Alicia Silverstone, this retelling of Austen's "Emma" also stars Stacy Dash and the late Brittany Murphy as her catchphrase-spouting, man-eating friends. But despite its literary origins, no one will ever position "Clueless" as an intellectual classic - and that's only a credit to Silverstone, who inhabits the role of a self-obsessed wannabe-fashionista without a second of pretense; always giving in fully to the ignorance of the character.

And while "Clueless" may not present the angst and pain of high school quite as well as its genre counterparts, it trumps them in terms of hilarity. Sure, the plot - which follows Silverstone's character as she bounces around from subplots as varied as trying to convert a gay classmate into the straight life (not out of any political or religious reasons; but just because she wants to have sex with him) or falling in love with her stepbrother - is lighthearted at best and empty-headed at worst. But the glory of this movie isn't in the narrative - it's in the punch lines, the iconic phrases, and all that outrageous 90's fashion.

"Clueless" arrives on Blu-ray packed with a number of extras as fluffy as the movie itself - short pieces about the driving, the script, the fashion, and more. But if you're upgrading from the DVD, do it for the impeccable picture quality - this is a BRIGHT film, and it's myriad colors have never looked as expressive as they do here. "Clueless" may not be a must-buy for all ages, I'll grant you that. But for those of us that hold the 90s close to our hearts, this is (as Alicia would say) "totally Baldwin."



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