The Missing Myth

by Kitty Drexel
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Apr 4, 2013
The Missing Myth

On March 28, Supreme Court Justice and fierce advocate, Sonia Sotomayor argued that there is no just cause for discrimination based on sexual orientation. As the Federal Govt. could not use orientation to deny LGBTQ individuals a job or voting rights, she deduced that it could not be used to deny legal marriage rights, also. By shutting down the "responsible procreation" argument for DOMA, Sotomayor legitimized the LGBTQ's inherent value as a people. Our worth is not defined by our ability to procreate. In "The Missing Myth: A New Vision of Same-Sex Love," Gilles Harrada asserts that homosexual identity is currently defined by the greater populace solely by whom we partner with. The LGBTQ community is defined by our lack of heterosexual behavior rather than by our spiritual, mental and physical autonomy. He juxtaposes the myths that comprise the lexicon of contemporary culture against society's acceptance of the LGBTQ community. He theorizes that because mainstream fairytales, myths and tall tales do not include us but do include our heterosexual brethren, we are stripped of our right to equal status. His findings offer a reasonable explanation as to why our minority is relegated to the sidelines of humanity.

"Missing Myth" focuses mainly on the male experience through antiquity into the modern age. He does touch upon the female experience but cannot offer an extensive commentary due to the fact that women were considered subordinate for a greater part of history. This continues to be true as modern science, when research is funded, tends to focus on the gay male experience. Herrada does not make an excuse but rather offers this as an explanation. It's as if he wishes that he could do more for us. The information may be out there ladies, but we'll have to do the research ourselves.

This text is simple enough for members of the Westboro Baptist Church while still suiting those in search of intellectual pursuits.

Harrada writes in a style that is both effective and relatively easy to digest. "Missing Myth" is simple enough for the Westboro Baptist Church to read while still suiting those in search of intellectual pursuits. This is not light reading and may be best relegated to social science graduate students. The text can be dry but the delicious fact nuggets embedded in the text are well worth the attention. This volume belongs in the library of any self-respecting gender science nerd of any proclivity.

"The Missing Myth: A New Vision of Same-Sex Love"
Gilles Herrada, PhD
Vernon A Rosario, editor


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