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The Ring

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Mar 21, 2012
The Ring

If you're one of the very few who've never seen the 2002 thriller "The Ring," now's the time. The worldwide smash, which spawned a sequel and a rumored third film, is finally on Blu-ray and its transfer is magnificent.

"The Ring", a Japanese horror film remake, jump-started the trend of featuring a young tormented ghost on a vengeful quest. Naomi Watts does her usual splendid job as Rachel, a woman in peril after she watches a video that causes the phone to immediately ring. A haunting voice tells her she has seven days to live and the urban legend becomes reality when teenagers start dying mysterious deaths. Rachel puts on her Nancy Drew sleuthing hat and tries to unravel the mystery of the video after both her son and ex-boyfriend Noah (Martin Henderson) become exposed to the tape. Brian Cox has a small, chilling role as well.

Now ten years old, "The Ring" is a bit hokey, thanks to it being spoofed numerous times. However, the film doesn't look dated and the fresh high-def transfer makes the thriller still an intriguing watch, even if you've seen it before. Features are the same as the original DVD release, albeit re-mastered in high definition: two 'making of' features and interviews with cast are generic. But "Rings," an extension of the film and basically just deleted scenes, is worth a watch.

"The Ring"

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