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Months After Split, Instagram Gay Dads Announce New Baby

Apr 12
Instagram's popular gay dads Caleb Anthony and Kordale Lewis went through a nasty split last year, but it appears as though things between the couple are a lot better. So much so that the men announced they are expecting a new addition to their family.

Photography Book 'See Me' Changes Views of LGBT Homeless Youth

By EDGE | Apr 12
On April 14 at the Shinnyo Center on W. 36th Street in New York City, renowned photographer Alex Fradkin welcomes the community to the launch party for "See Me: Transforming the Lives on NYC's Homeless Youth."

Florida Teacher Suspended After Quizzing Students on Gender

Apr 12
A Tampa, Florida, middle school teacher has been suspended after parents complained that she polled students on personal information including their sexual orientation, gender identity and religion.

April 10 is National Youth and AIDS Awareness Day

Apr 8
The fourth annual National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day (NYHAAD) is being observed this year on Sunday, April 10. Many national, state, and private organizations are partners or supporters of NYHAAD.

Miss. Gay Marriage Objection Vote Cuts at Relationships

By Jeff Amy | Apr 4
Mississippi's debate over whether to enact a law protecting people who have objections to same-sex marriage connects with national debates over the subject.

Massachusetts Court to Hear Gay Parental Rights Case

By Denis Lavoie | Apr 4
The same state court that paved the way for same-sex marriage in the United States is now being asked to decide a complicated case about the parental rights of a once-partnered but unmarried gay couple.

Waylon Smithers' Coming Out Inspired By 'The Simpsons' Writer's Son

Apr 1
Waylon Smithers will come out as gay on "The Simpsons" Sunday night. And while his revelation will be shocking to no one (except his boss, Mr. Burns, perhaps), the inspiration of Smithers' coming out is a bit surprising.

Judge Blocks Mississippi Ban on Adoption By Same-Sex Couples

By Jeff Amy | Apr 1
A federal judge Thursday overturned Mississippi's ban on allowing same-sex couples to adopt children.

After Surrogacy Agency Vanishes, Gay Dads Stranded in Mexico With Newborns

Mar 30
Two fathers from New Zealand are currently stuck in Mexico with their three newborn children after their surrogacy agency apparently disappeared.

Melissa Etheridge Considered Asking Brad Pitt to Be Sperm Donor

Mar 29
Before settling on David Crosby, Melissa Etheridge considered asking Brad Pitt to be her sperm donor, she revealed in an interview with Australia's Studio 10.

11 thru 20 of 779 Stories