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A Street Cart Named Desire: Red Tape Stifles NYC Vendors

By Deepti Hajela | Nov 28
New York's food cart business is no picnic. For decades, the city's regulatory scheme has made it next to impossible to obtain a new permit to operate a food cart or truck.

Denmark's Top Restaurant Fined for Warm Shellfish

Nov 27
A Danish restaurant with three Michelin stars has been fined 20,000 kroner ($2,840) for storing fresh shellfish at too high temperatures.

The Cakes of Smith Island

Nov 26
On a small island in Chesapeake Bay, multi-layered cakes are a tradition. Now the Smith Island Baking Company is moving ashore.

What's Bad is Good: Butter

Nov 26
Foodies will welcome any word that things once thought to be bad for your health might actually be good. And one such food, butter, is making a comeback.

Marmite's Chief Taster Retires His Spoon

Nov 25
Marmite's chief taste tester hung up his spoon for the final time on Friday, November 18, after sampling the equivalent of 264 million jars.

4 Healthy Hacks for Holiday Eating

By EDGE | Nov 24
With Thanksgiving only a few days away, the holiday season is finally upon us. According to the Calorie Control Council, the average American will consume nearly 5,000 calories for Thanksgiving dinner and nearly 229 grams of fat.

Scientists Say Thanksgiving's Underlying Gratitude Helps Willpower

By EDGE | Nov 24
As millions upon millions of Americans look ahead to Thanksgiving with trepidation about overeating, Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D., a brain and cognitive scientist specializing in the psychology of eating, offers some timeless wisdom.

Thanksgiving in Space: Turkey, Green Beans, and Football

By Marcia Dunn | Nov 24
Turkey and football will be the main Thanksgiving headliners up on the International Space Station.

Cranberries: From Bog to Table

By Ted S. Warren | Nov 23
Cranberry bogs in Washington state produce solid hues of vibrant red each fall as one of the state's lesser-known crops is harvested in the months before Thanksgiving.

Expert Tips for a Happy Friendsgiving, A New Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving

By EDGE | Nov 23
"Friendsgiving" -- aka a Thanksgiving celebration with friends -- allows you to call all the shots and do it your own way.

11 thru 20 of 3471 Stories