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American Airlines Opens Office in Havana, Cuba

Feb 2
American Airlines formally opened an office in Havana on Wednesday, and an executive said the company will move ahead with its plans for Cuba despite uncertainty over what President Donald Trump's administration will bring.

American Airlines to Sell Restricted 'Basic Economy' Fare

By David Koenig | Jan 19
The evolution of a caste system in the economy cabin of jetliners is deepening, with passengers divided and treated differently based on how much they are willing to pay the airline.

AA Adds Premium Economy Seats to International Flights

By David Koenig | Dec 10
American Airlines says it will start selling "premium economy" service on international flights, with leather seats, entertainment systems and meals.

Violent Flight Attendant Attacks Crew on American Airlines

By Tom Foreman Jr. | Nov 30
An American Airlines flight attendant who described herself as "crazy" and a "train wreck" attacked fellow crew members and U.S. marshals during a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Frankfurt, Germany.

Big 3 Airlines Flex Their Muscles in Washington

Oct 15
U.S. airlines have ramped up an aggressive lobbying campaign that seeks nothing less than converting the government from industry regulator to business ally.

Hunky Vine Star Strips to Speedo, Detained at Miami-Airport

By Winnie McCroy | Nov 4
Hunky Vine star Jerome Jarre nearly got arrested last week, after stripping down to his Speedo on a Boeing 737.

American Airlines Apologies for "Deaf and Dumb" Note

Mar 30
A deaf couple is upset over a note that an American Airlines employee attached to one of their bags, referring to the pair as "deaf and dumb."

American Airlines Lightens Up the Boarding Process

By David Koenig | May 24
American Airlines announced that in an effort to speed up the boarding process, they will favor passengers traveling only with personal items that will fit under the seat - but more importantly - where will you fit all that Duty Free liquor?

National LGBT Bar Recognizes Advocates for Equality

By Angela Kolter | Feb 16
On Feb. 7, the Dallas community came together to honor American Airlines with the National LGBT Bar Association’s Out & Proud Corporate Counsel Award.

American Airlines Introduces Entrée Reservations for Premium Class

Oct 25
American Airlines announced its entrée reservations program, becoming the first domestic airline to offer premium class customers the opportunity to review menu options and pre-select their desired meal prior to their flight’s departure.

1 thru 10 of 29 Stories