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GOP's Social, Fiscal Conservatives at Odds Over Gay Rights

CORPORATE | By David A. Lieb | Apr 6
For a party already being torn apart by the presidential contest, anti-gay state legislative efforts have exposed deep rifts between the GOP's social conservatives and its pro-business wing.

New York Moves to Halt 'Conversion Therapy' for Youths

NATIONAL | By Jennifer Peltz | Feb 7
New York is taking steps to stop therapists from trying to change young people's sexual orientation, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday, joining a number of states that have acted against what's known as gay conversion therapy.

Kentucky Gov.-Elect: Clerks Won't Have to See Their Names on Same-Sex Couples' Marriage Licenses

NATIONAL | By John Riley | Nov 14
According to Reuters, Gov.-elect Matt Bevin, a Republican, said on Friday that when he takes office in December, he will order changes to the state marriage license form to accommodate those who object to same-sex marriage.

While Conservatives Make Political Hay, Faith Leaders Mull True Meaning of 'Religious Liberty'

NATIONAL | By John Riley | Sep 20
"If I'm a vegan, and I say, 'I'm not going to give out hunting licenses because I'm totally averse to killing and I am opposed to the current interpretation of the 2nd Amendment,' would I be within my rights to refuse to give out hunting licenses?"

The 'Christian Persecution' Drumbeat Goes on At Second GOP Debate

NATIONAL | By John Riley | Sep 19
The first round of the second GOP debate featured a heated showdown between the four second-tier candidates over the issue of religious liberty for people who object to same-sex marriage.

Anti-Gay Sites Eating Up Gay Baker's Rant

NATIONAL | By John Riley | Jul 25
Jesse Bartholomew's video rant is making the rounds on the Internet, particularly on conservative media.

Hate Group Goes On Diet: 21 Day Fast For Marriage Begins Today

RELIGION | By Bobby McGuire | Apr 7
If all goes to plan, there will be a lot of skinny bigots come May.

LGBT Inclusive Church Barred From Arkansas Easter Parade

If tolerance is "a two-way street," don't even think about holding a parade on it.

Anti-Gay Indianapolis Bakery Shutters After Controversy

In cases of anti-gay discrimination, sometimes the market takes care of itself.

'Praise the Lord' Pizzeria Temporarily Closes After Refusing to Serve Gay Weddings

NATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Apr 2
A pizzeria in Indiana has temporarily closed shop after its owners made headlines and were ridiculed on social media Wednesday for publicly announcing they would serve gay people, but not cater gay weddings.

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