Gay Dallas: The Latest

Cologne Cathedral Hires Lawyer to Stop Pokeman Hunters

NEWS | Jul 26
The Catholic Church has hired a lawyer to tackle a plague of "Pokemon Go" players invading Cologne Cathedral.

Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy Number 1 Turns to Crowdfunding to Pay Legal Bills

NEWS | Jul 26
After years of battling former girlfriend Bristol Palin over custody of their son Tripp, Levi Johnston is looking at some pretty hefty legal bills. Now he and his wife are turning to crowdfunding in the hopes that the public might be able to help him out.

Jason Collins: 'I Came Out Privately to the Clinton Family' Before Coming Out to the World

NEWS | Jul 26
During an impassioned address at the Democratic National Convention Monday night, ex-NBA star Jason Collins told the crowd in Philadelphia that he revealed that he was gay to the Clinton family before going public with the news.

Gay Pride Rainbow Flags Cut Down in Swedish City

NEWS | Jul 26
Officials in the Swedish city of Sodertalje say vandals have removed rainbow flags that were raised outside city hall in support of the gay pride festival this week in neighboring Stockholm.

Justin Bieber Objects to Doing Sex Scene with a Guy in Upcoming Film

There's not much that Justin Bieber won't do. But according to a report in Page Six, he draws the line at filming a man-on-man sex scene in an upcoming movie.

Radio Stumping for Trump, Michele Bachmann Says Christians Will Decide the Election

NEWS | Jul 26
Former US Rep Michele Bachmann took time Saturday to speak with end times radio host Jan Markell. During the broadcast, she slammed Hillary, praised Trump and asserted that the 2012 election will be decided by Christians.

Rihanna, Metallica Set For Global Citizen Festival

Rihanna, Metallica, Kendrick Lamar, Major Lazer and Selena Gomez will headline the 2016 Global Citizen Festival this fall.

Convention: Different Reactions In Booth And On Floor

NEWS | By David Bauder | Jul 26
CBS News' Scott Pelley was succinct: "Bernie Sanders heals the breach." That was his analysis after Sanders' speech to the Democratic National Convention on Monday.

November Trial Set for Cases Over North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law

NEWS | Jul 26
A federal court has set a November trial date for dueling lawsuits over a North Carolina law that limits protections for LGBT people.

Heckled Offstage, Wasserman Schultz Now Seeks Re-Election

NEWS | By Brendan Farrington | Jul 26
The furor over leaked emails not only got U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz heckled out of her speaking role Monday at the Democratic National Convention; it's also providing fodder for her congressional primary opponent.


Breaking Down Bernie Sanders' DNC Speech

Jul 26
Bernie Sanders spoke on the first night of the Democratic National Convention, garnering heavy cheers. Nancy Cordes and Mo Rocca joined CBSN to discuss the Vermont senator's speech.


Sarah Silverman: Bernie-Or-Bust Dems 'Being Ridiculous'

By Leanne Italie | Jul 26
Comedian Sarah Silverman didn't mince words in her message to die-hard Bernie Sanders supporters at the Democratic convention: "Can I just say to the Bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous."


Solar Projects Can't Save the Forest for the Trees?

By Frank Eltman | Jul 26
Solar energy ordinarily wins praise from groups that want to cut greenhouse gases, but a proposed solar project at a defunct Long Island nuclear power plant has stirred outrage because it requires demolishing 350 acres of woodlands.


Airbnb Sues San Francisco Over Rental Regulation

By Janie Har | Jul 25
San Francisco wants people who rent out their homes through Airbnb and other online platforms to follow some rules, and it wants the platforms to advertise only those rule-abiding listings - or face steep fines.


Judge Set to Decide on $15B Volkswagen Settlement

By Sudhin Thanawala | Jul 26
A $15 billion settlement over Volkswagen's diesel emissions cheating scandal faced a critical test, as a federal judge decided whether to grant it preliminary approval.


Craft Breweries Try to Stand Out With Creative Tap Handles

By Carrie Antflinger | Jul 26
Cone heads, zombies, beards, bananas - they are some of the creative beer tap handles that have become a big business as the number of craft breweries has skyrocketed.


The Murky Role of Mental Illness in Extremism, Terror

By Maria Cheng | Jul 24
After family members of the driver who slammed a truck into a holiday crowd in the French city of Nice said he suffered from depression, questions have been raised again about the links between mental illness, extreme ideology and mass violence.


8 Hacks For Stress-Free Airport Travel

By EDGE | Jul 26
We love to travel but hate the airport. It's a common story, and we all know why. Long lines, expensive parking, crowded spaces -- the list goes on. Check out these eight airport tips and tricks to help you save money and time.