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New Chemsex Study Examines the Prevalence of Drug-Fueled Sex

NEWS | By EDGE | Jan 24
Popular gay hookup site has found chemsex, also known as Party and Play (PNP) or drug-fueled sex, is prevalent with 30 percent of survey respondents admitting that they have engaged in the activity.

Belgian Model Comes Out as Intersex

NEWS | Jan 24
A Belgian model is making headlines this week for coming out as intersex.

Winter Rendezvous 2017: Glow Party @ Backyard Tavern :: January 19, 2017

Winter Rendezvous is a fantastic gay and lesbian ski event held in Stowe VT. Check out these photos from the Glow Party.

Hate Group Leader Calls for 'Separation of LGBT & State', Likens Reagan to Putin

NEWS | Jan 24
If Reagan came back from the dead and heard what Scott Lively was saying about him, he'd probably never stop throwing up.

Mo. Police Search for 2 Men in Possible Anti-Gay Hate Crime Attack

NEWS | Jan 24
Police in Kansas City, Mo. are currently searching for two men believed to have attacked a gay man in what could be a hate crime.

LaBeouf-Led Livestream Says 'He Will Not Divide Us'

ENTERTAINMENT | By Deepti Hajela | Jan 24
Shia LaBeouf wants you to know: "He will not divide us."

Woody Harrelson Jokes About New Role in Star Wars Spinoff

ENTERTAINMENT | By Alicia Rancilio | Jan 24
Woody Harrelson recently confirmed he's playing Han Solo's mentor in the next "Star Wars" movie, but the actor jokes about his own ability to lead.

Oscars Go Gaga for 'La La Land' with Record-Tying 14 Nods

ENTERTAINMENT | By Jake Coyle | Jan 24
The candy-colored love letter to musicals "La La Land" has landed a record-tying 14 Academy Awards nominations, matching it with "Titanic" and "All About Eve" for most nominations ever.

Trump Undercuts Bipartisan Effort with Voter Fraud Claim

NEWS | By Julie Pace | Jan 24
Even as President Donald Trump starts reaching out to lawmakers and business and union leaders to sell his policies, he's still making false claims about election fraud.

California Confirms Trump Opponent as Attorney General

NEWS | By Sophia Bollag | Jan 24
In their first official action since Donald Trump became president, California lawmakers on Monday confirmed a new attorney general who has vowed to defend the state's liberal policies against the Trump administration and a Republican Congress.


Former Press Secretary to Spicer: 'Cool the Confrontation Down'

Ari Fleischer, former press secretary for President George W. Bush, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's confrontation with the media about President Trump's inauguration crowd size.


Review :: Charles Busch Live At 54 Below

MUSIC | By Bill Biss | Jan 24
Busch's personality shines through on the vocals and personality... without seeing him as a chanteuse and as a flaming red-haired siren of song.


Trump Properties Face Global Terror Risk with Presidency

CORPORATE | By Jon Gambrell | Jan 24
Businesses around the world bearing U.S. President Donald Trump's name face an increased risk now that he is in the White House, security experts warn, especially as several are in areas previously targeted by violence.


Report: 'Net Neutrality' Foe Ajit Pai is New FCC Head

PERSONAL TECH | By Tali Arbel | Jan 24
President Donald Trump has reportedly picked a fierce critic of the Obama-era "net neutrality" rules to be chief regulator of the nation's airwaves and internet connections.


Woodstock, VT, Fights to Save Its Charm, One Shutter At a Time

HOME | By Wilson Ring | Dec 31
Some property owners are questioning the community's requirement, arguing that the regulations are enforced irregularly, and that some buildings look better without shutters.


Honda Ridgeline AWD Shines!

AUTO NEWS | By Robin Gray | Jan 22
They (whoever they are) say black is slimming. Black is the New Orange. The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice (to quote "Hairspray"). For the 2017 Honda Ridgeline All-Wheel-Drive Black Edition, all of that blackness is true -and more.


Goodwill and Roadie Partner to Make Donating Hassle-Free

HOME | By EDGE | Jan 24
A new partnership between Goodwill and Roadie, Inc. aims to make it easier for people to donate items they no longer use or need, from clothes to couches to dressers and bicycles.


Itchy Skin? Dermatologists Share Tips for Relief

HEALTH | Jan 23
If an itch lasts for more than six weeks, say dermatologists from the American Academy of Dermatology, it is considered a chronic itch and is more likely to disrupt your life.


Tall Ships Set Sail in Quebec City This Summer

By Calvin Woodward | Jan 24
Majestic ships will be sailing North Atlantic waters this summer, visiting ports along the St. Lawrence River for weeks and gathering en masse in Quebec City July 18-23.