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Assoc. Medical Examiner Deals Defense a Blow in Big Penis Oral Sex Murder Trial

Friday May 19, 2017

As the Big Penis Oral Sex Murder Trial entered its first week, defense attorney Ken Padowitz was dealt a blow by an associate medical examiner, who testified that he's never seen an example of anyone choking to death from oral sex. ABC affiliate Local 10 News reports.

Padowitz is representing Richard Patterson, 65, or Margate, Florida, who is standing trial for second-degree murder in the choking death of his girlfriend, Francisca Marquinez in 2015. Padowitz intends to prove that Patterson's large penis is to blame, and that the death was the unintended result of consensual oral sex.

During testimony for the prosecution on Thursday, Iouri Boiko, associate medical examiner for Broward County, blew away the defense's big penis claim, saying that in order for death by oral sex to occur, a penis would have to be lodged far enough down the victim's throat far enough to prevent breathing for two to three minutes.

The defense has sought to allow the jury to view Patterson's penis, and there was a debate earlier this week over whether it would be in a flaccid or erect state when presented as evidence. On that matter, Judge Lisa Porter who is presiding over the case has yet you make a decision.

Boiko also noted that there would have been a struggle.

"If she cannot breathe, she usually start to kicking, biting or to do something to prevent this blocking of the airway, try to open this airway," Boiko testified. "It's (a) normal reaction of any person."


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