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Shower Power: 8 Must-Haves to Keep Clean

by Matthew Wexler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Apr 20, 2017

Lather up, it's time for spring cleaning. From shower gel to shampoo and multipurpose cleansers to soap on a rope, EDGE will have you squeaky-clean -- no matter what sort of dirty trouble you may find yourself in.

Relying on a team of "Master Barbers," the Refinery delivers a line of men's skincare products that will leave you squeaky-clean. The body wash is made with blended essential oils that include sandlewood to hydrate and protect, pink pepper to clean and a touch of bergamot for a refreshing and distinct scent. The face wash complements the body wash nicely and provides an aromatic double whammy in the shower.

For the hair, Refinery's gentle shampoo includes soy proteins and vitamin B5 to repair, strengthen and nourish, while the conditioner's panthenol and grapefruit extract improve softness and deliver a bright, light aroma.

Founded by Andrea Pierce-Naymon, OY-L delivers a promise of "beauty without secrets." Though her marketing targets women, we were intrigued by the transparency of her formulas and decided to test a few products on a man's skin with solid results.

After a hard workout, the body scrub is great to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. Starting with pink Himalayan salt as a base, the addition of jojoba oil, hemp seed butter and other ingredients will leave you smooth as a baby's bottom. Post-shower, give your face a treat with the hydrating facial mist.

Blackwood for Men
Based in Japan, Blackwood for Men's sleek style knows its audience. The Active Man Daily Shampoo is made with aloe vera and tsubaki oil, along with panax ginseng root and arginine (claiming that the latter ingredients slow down hair loss).

The Active Man Daily Conditioner too features tsubaki oil (also known as Camellia oil) and hydrolyzed silk to keep hair healthy and resilient.

Rayon Mclean, owner of SteelMclean Barbers in South Orange, New Jersey, seems to have been christened in the world of men's skincare from birth. While his line of cleanly packaged products runs the gamut, Mclean recognized the certain kind of guy who is looking for the all-in-one product.

"I've always wanted to sell a brand in my salon that works well with all hair and skin types that I am proud of and had the opportunity to manufacture from the ground up," said Mclean. "I created a range of products that can appeal to everyone, are multipurpose and fit the on-the-go lifestyle."

For the active man who's ready to hit the trail this spring, Spongellé's innovative super buffer with built-in body wash is the perfect solution for your next great adventure. Combining technology with the old-as-earth sponge, you now have a grab-and-go grooming accessory that's perfect for your next camping trip.

The sponge's built-in body wash lasts for more than 20 washes, delivering a distinct scent of Verbana Absolute along with hydrating coconut oil and energizing extracts. The time-released lather simply needs to be rinsed and squeezed after each use.

Claus Porto Musgo Real
Soap on a rope isn't just for your NSFW video-watching pleasure. Celebrating its 130th anniversary as one of Portugal's most notable grooming brands, Claus Porto produces a range of grooming products inspired by scents from Portugal's lush countryside, including Musgo Real soap on a rope.

The hand-crafted soaps date back four generations, delivered in vivid packaging that makes the perfect gift for yourself or someone you'd like to lather up with. A cotton rope is manually placed then the soap is molded and individually hand-wrapped for easy use. Four scents include classic, oak moss, orange amber and spiced citrus -- each made with 100 percent vegetable oils and enriched with moisturizing walnut extract.

Montez Renault
Who says football players can't clean up well? Former NFL players, teammates and grooming entrepreneurs Montez Renault and Christopher Renault Butler have developed an extensive line of products inspired by their healthy-living lifestyles.

Three key innovations are used in the Montez Renault portfolio of products: QuSome, a patented technology that microencapsulates raw, active ingredients for increased absorption and penetration; inflacin, an anti-inflammatory compound; and Beauplex, a proprietary vitamin blend that delvers antioxidant and anti-aging benefits.

Our favorite picks include No. 12 Facial Cleanser, which delivers a soothing lather and hydrating ingredients like squalane and organic avocado oil; No. 30 Moisturizing Body Wash with aloe vera and green tea extracts along with subtle notes of mint and eucalyptus; and No. 56 3-in-1 Performance Wash with rice and soy peptides and vitamin B.

For your post-shower routine, Mënaji offers a line of men's grooming products that will keep you fresh faced for whatever the day has in store. For shaving, the ClearShave 3-in-1 Formula doesn't require water and provides a smooth glide for your razor.

The Power Hydrator Aftershave is packed with powerful nutrients and botanicals to increase your skin's moisture level. And we all know one of the first places to show signs of aging is around the eyes, hence Mënaji's 911 Eye Gel, a super light application with allantoin as an active ingredient to moisturize and promote healthy tissue.

When the eye gel isn't quite enough to mask the previous night's debauchery, Camo Concealer (available in six shades) is specifically formulated for men's skin and is perfect for spot coverage, dark circles under the eyes and redness.

Matthew Wexler is EDGE's National Style and Travel Editor. More of his writing can be found at Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @wexlerwrites.


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