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Adam Lambert Talks To Variety about Gay Music Landscape

by Sam Cronin
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Jun 21, 2019

"American Idol" runner-up turned trailblazing rock star Adam Lambert has been a mainstay of the music scene since 2009. He was able to parlay his success from the show into a solid career, promoting LGBTQ tolerance and paving the way for the success of openly gay artists including Troy Sivan. He recently spoke to Variety about the changing landscape of music for LGBT artists. Check out some of the highlights below.

On homophobia in the music industry, Lambert said:
"There are always going to be shades of homophobia — sometimes internalized homophobia that I've encountered from other gay people in the industry. They might feel that [I am] 'too gay.'"

On his new album "Velvet," he said he was involved on every song, "a first" for him.
"A lot of people I contacted I had met or worked with before, and the familiarity created a sense of safety in the studio for me. I wasn't going through a label or management team — the official channels. I was doing it socially and that was a nice way to start out the project because there was no pressure and nobody commenting. It allowed me space and time to explore, and once I had a few songs together that sounded cohesive, I took it to the wider business circle around putting out music."

On gay pride, he spoke about finding his "tribe" in Hollywood as a 19 year old in the 2000s.
"I slowly learned that even within the gay community there are lots of different subsets. So that was part of the exploration socially for me when I was that age — figuring out what scene I wanted to be a part of — and it was interesting to navigate."

On internalized homophobia, he said he "rejected mine quite a long time ago..."
"With artists in the age of social media, a lot of expression is edited or curated for an audience. When you're making pop music, one has to keep in mind: 'I need to connect with as many people as I can.' You want to make entertainment for the masses. The most important thing is to balance that with some sort of personal integrity and that's the headspace I've been in of late."

Read the rest of the interview with Variety here. Lambert's latest single, "New Eyes" was released on May 15 ahead of his upcoming album, "Velvet."


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