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Twitter Bans Gay Blogger for 'Harassing' Former Rep. Aaron Schock Over Alleged Nudes

Tuesday May 28, 2019

A gay blogger said Twitter temporarily banned him for "harassment" after he posted nude photos that are allegedly of disgraced former Congressman Aaron Schock.

Kenneth Walsh, who blogs at Kenneth in the 212, shared a post on May 26 about former Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.), in which he wrote:

"We knew this day was coming. While serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, Aaron Schock used his power to routinely vote against the interests of LGBTQ people while leading a high-flying double life as a sexually active gay man -- so proof was bound to surface. But I don't think even I was prepared for the disgraced former congressman to be spreading his cheeks in such a way that would surely titillate people on both sides of the aisle."

He then links to an extremely NSFW post that includes nude screenshots from a video that is alleged to be Schock.

"All this does is make me more sad and angry that he's a self-loathing Republican," Walsh wrote. "If repeatedly voting to harm LGBTQ people as an elected U.S. lawmaker while sleeping with men doesn't scream hypocrisy, nothing does. Will he ever repent?"

Though the video in question and photos from the video are still circulating on Twitter, the website apparently banned Walsh for "harassment." In a follow-up post from May 27, Walsh railed against Twitter.

"Well, this sure is rich. Don't have a lot of time to flesh it out, but a dissertation could be written about how Twitter has allowed the harassment of marginalized people of all kinds by everyone up to the so-called president of the United States, yet they have blocked my account for allegedly 'harassing' Aaron Schock," he wrote. "Yes, I'm talking about the same Aaron Schock who was leading a double life as a sexually active gay man while spending his career on Capitol Hill supporting legislation to legally harass LGBTQ people before getting run out of town, forced to pay back more than $100,000 in misappropriated funds.

"So what I'm now gathering is that Twitter is the right place to go if you're a white supremacist or feel like going after women -- a study shows one is harassed every 30 seconds on the social media platform, just ask Leslie Jones -- but it isn't the right venue for pointing out political hypocrisy," he went on to say. "If you're on Twitter and think this is messed up, I would appreciate your support. Write to @TwitterSupport and maybe tell them @kenneth212 is doing what any SELF-RESPECTING GAY JOURNALIST should do given what we know."

After that post, however, Walsh's Twitter account is back up and running.

Since the start of 2019, Schock has been active after coming under fire for a corruption case against him for misusing funds in 2015. He first resurfaced in January, sharing a shirtless selfie and later a pic of himself meeting out U.K. singer Sam Smith. He then struck a deal with federal prosecutors to have the corruption charges against him dropped. He also made comments that he may return to politics.

But last month, Schock caught flack after he was spotted partying with hunky dudes at the Coachella music festival. A Twitter backlash ensued and a gay couple photographed with the former politician ended up apologizing for the snap.

Schock has never publicly come out as gay or discussed his sexuality. In 2010, he did not support the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, which barred LGBTQ military members from openly serving and has also said in the past that he defines marriage between one man and one woman.


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