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Talking with Adam Trent - the Next Generation of Magic

by Steve Duffy
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Mar 5, 2018

The break-out star of "The Illusionists," the headline magic show that broke records on Broadway and the road, is Adam Trent. In the show he was billed as The Futurist due to his technology inspired tricks. At the age of 33, he has been performing magic since he first saw David Copperfield at the age of 8. He started performing magic tricks for his classmates in school, then worked his way through college as a musician.

Now he is back on the road with "The Magic of Adam Trent," a show described as "an immersive entertainment extravaganza of magic, comedy, and music designed to entertain the entire family." His show comes to Boston's Shubert Theatre for five performances, March 9 - 11. For details and ticket information for this engagement,follow this link. For a complete list of dates for Trent's tour, visit his website.

"I am so excited to hit the road and bring an entirely new show to audiences around the world," says Trent, who has always thought that magic should be entertaining first and tricky second. He doesn't want people to remember "tricks" as much as the laughs and memories made with the performance. "This will be a show like you've never seen."

EDGE caught up with Trent recently for a conversation about his love of magic and entertaining, and where he sees where the two come together.

EDGE: How did your interest in magic start?

Adam Trent: I start about 8 years old when my parents took me to see David Copperfield. I remember how much fun my family was having and after that, I decided I wanted to do the same thing. My parents bought me a magic book and the rest is history.

EDGE: What is the first magic trick you learned?

Adam Trent: I don't recall the exact trick, but I do remember it being a really simple card trick.

EDGE: What magicians have inspired your brand of magic?

Adam Trent: Growing up, I was and still am a big fan of Penn and Teller. Besides magic, my inspiration comes from comedy and music. I find my themes and premises from them.

EDGE: Would you call your show a combination of pop star elements and being a magician?

Adam Trent: Yeah, it is a blend of comedy, magic, and music. If you like magic then you will love the show. If you don't like magic, you will still love the show. For me, music is a driving force of the show. I love that my show mergers several different art forms into one.

EDGE: What is your favorite magic trick to perform?

Adam Trent: I clone myself and teleport across the stage. I always make sure that I am constantly adding things to my show to keep it exciting and fresh.

EDGE: How do you come up with your material for your show?

Adam Trent: It is stuff that I have been doing my entire life. I start with the end effect and work my way backward. For one trick, I work out 5 difference possibilities to make sure it will work. I also want to make sure that it is something tourable and can be done in different venues. It also takes me years of testing before I present it to the audience.

EDGE: What is a great living room trick that our readers could perform at home?

Adam Trent: I always teach a trick in my show that the audience can perform for their family and friends. Since it would be a little difficult to explain something for print, I suggest you come and see the show. The great thing about magic is that anyone can get their feet wet with it. It just depends on how far you want to take it.

EDGE: How do you convince the naysayer that magic is real?

Adam Trent: It's my favorite thing to do in my show. I find there are two types of viewers - the ones who love magic and the ones who sit there with arms crossed and a firm disbelieving look. Most of them within 5 minutes stop trying to figure it out and start enjoying the show. My only goal is for the audience to have a great time.

EDGE: What can the audiences look forward to?

Adam Trent: My show is for magic fans and non-magic fans. I perform all types of magic, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. I also perform some very futuristic things that cover all aspects of magic while showing where magic is going. Much of the show is brand new. I have lots of great visual effects and some great technology.

EDGE: Having already performed on Broadway in "The Illusionists" and now on tour. Where do you see your magic career going next?

Adam Trent: Right now, it is tough to say. I just keep going with the punches and taking it step by step. I really love performing for live audiences and will keep doing it as long as I have the energy for it. This will be my first-time coming to Boston, so I am very excited.

For more information about Adam, visit his website. To purchase tickets to see him perform at the Boch Center Shubert Theatre, March 7 - 11, 2018, visit visit the Boch Center website.


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