"Elizabeth And Monty - The Untold Story Of Their Intimate Friendship" by Charles Casillo!

"Elizabeth And Monty - The Untold Story Of Their Intimate Friendship" by Charles Casillo!

Her gorgeous face and violet eyes, his offbeat looks and unusual appeal; her smoldering temper, his tempered sensitivity — though they were never lovers, the on-screen chemistry between Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift still palpably crackles, seventy years later. Theirs became a passionate affair — but with a twist.

ELIZABETH AND MONTY: The Untold Story of Their Intimate Friendship (on-sale May 25, 2021; HC, $27.00) by Hollywood biographer Charles Casillo, tracks the legendary friendship and platonic "love affair" of these two Hollywood icons, a matinee idol and a teenage movie queen. This dual biography opens with their childhoods and burgeoning careers to the films they did together that are now considered classics. Together, they pushed each other to new heights, Taylor later claiming that Monty taught her how to become a true actress, while Clift finally was able to reveal his true nature to the only woman he would ever really love.

From the shocking prologue detailing the car crash that would change both of their lives, to Clift's tragic end, Casillo sets this magnetic friendship against the changing tides of Hollywood and society. He covers Hollywood's unspoken acknowledgement of Monty's homosexuality, the treatment of Elizabeth's passionate love affairs and failed marriages, and the ceaseless power of the press. ELIZABETH AND MONTY charts their turbulent lives and scandals in context, two individuals living their lives on their own terms, in full view of a disapproving and stunned public. The dangerous siren Elizabeth and the increasingly turbulent Monty would find even more common ground as their troubled private lives became public obsessions.

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