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Watch: Man Gets Hearing Back Thanks to Cochlear Implant & What He Hears First Will Melt Your Heart

Thursday Oct 4, 2018

After contracting meningitis earlier this year while on a vacation in San Francisco, Hayward Duresseau, temporarily lost his sight, became paralyzed from the waist down and lost his hearing. Spending three weeks in the hospital, he regained most his sight and became mobile again but he still suffered hearing loss, BuzzFeed reports.

The road to recover was a difficult journey for Duresseau and his partner Kerry Kennedy. Though his body mostly healed, he was still without hearing. But Duresseau was recently approved to get a cochlear implant, which replaces the function in a damaged inner ear.

After getting the implant, the first thing Duresseau heard was Kennedy proposing to him.

"We had talked a little bit about getting married — well, signed about it, at least," Kennedy told BuzzFeed. "I wanted the first thing that I said to him to be asking for his hand."

Watch: Man Gets Hearing Back Thanks to & What He Hears First Wil

"I was in shock," Duresseau added. "I'm hearing all these click sounds, I'm hearing my brother speak, and I can hear Kerry, and the first thing that comes out of his mouth — it's this big spiel about what we've been through and he's down on one knee."

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Watch the moving video of proposal below.


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