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Anti-Gay Oklahoma Pol Sally Kern Kills Her Own LGBT Youth-Harming Bill

Feb 7
Oklahoma GOP State Rep. Sally Kern's career, studded with anti-gay episodes, draws many colorful descriptions, but here's a label the virulently homophobic politician doesn't want: Someone whose policies increase teen abortions.

Anti-Gay Okla. Lawmaker Disparages Blacks, Women

By Tim Talley | Apr 29
An Oklahoma lawmaker who gained national notoriety with an anti-homosexual rant in 2008 disparaged blacks and women during a debate this week on an affirmative action bill, prompting the head of the state NAACP chapter to demand her resignation.

Transgender woman to challenge anti-gay Okla. lawmaker

By Renee Baker | Sep 14
Oklahoma City lawyer Brittany Novotny is expected to announce her candidacy later this month to challenge three-term incumbent state Rep. Sally Kern [R-Oklahoma City.]

1 thru 3 of 3 Stories