The Green Inferno (Collector's Edition)

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jun 25, 2019
The Green Inferno (Collector's Edition)

Eli Roth happily returns to his bloody horror movie roots with Shout Factory's latest Blu-ray release.

"The Green Inferno" sounds like it could be a typical superhero movie. But that's far from it. Roth's ode to the green scenery of the Amazon jungle hearkens back to his "Cabin Fever" and "Hostel" days.... get ready for a bloodbath!

Activist students at a local NY college will never be the same after agreeing to visit and rescue inhabitants of a small Amazon village. After their plane crashes in the Peruvian jungle (in one of the movie's many well-filmed scenes), the group comes to realize they are being stalked by a tribe of cannibals.

Roth's trademark zany sense of humor gets sprinkled throughout "The Green Inferno," including one scene where the character of Alejandro inexplicably masturbates in front of everyone to, in his words, "relieve stress."

Mr. Roth also lushly photographs his film and the green referred to in the title comes to life in high-definition.

Unlike a scant 2016 Blu-ray release from Universal, Shout Factory (under the Scream Factory imprint) offers up a slew of special features to fans. Three of them are brand-new extras, including "Into the Green Inferno" and "Uncivilized Behavior: Method Acting in the Green Inferno." These feature Eli Roth and three of the film's actors in various interview segments.

The long-sought-after original CD soundtrack for "The Green Inferno" (by composer Manual Riverio) comes as part of this 2-disc Blu-ray set, which is well worth the money considering the film and amount of supplemental materials that are included.

"The Green Inferno"

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