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Going Out, Homing's In, Nov. 19-26, 2021

By Jim Provenzano | Wednesday Nov 17, 2021
Beefcake, Banksy, bears and Buffy! As more theaters, museums and nightclubs expand their in-person events, you can enjoy more thought-provoking art, or escapist fun; your choice.

Chick-fil-A opens near SF city line

Wednesday Nov 17, 2021
Long reviled by LGBTQ community members, chicken sandwich purveyor Chick-fil-A is opening its newest Bay Area location mere minutes away from San Francisco's city line.

Lena Hall: Broadway's shining star returns to Feinstein's

By Jim Gladstone | Tuesday Nov 16, 2021
Departing from her guest-star turn as a chanteuse on the hit sci-fi TV show "Snowpiercer," SF-raised Lena Hall, also of "Hedwig" and "Kinky Boots" fame, returns to Feinstein's ballroom to perform her new cabaret concert.

Simply marvelous: Chris Conde, queer-conscious rapper

By Gregg Shapiro | Tuesday Nov 16, 2021
Chris Conde, the Austin-based self-proclaimed "thicc, queer Mexican" rapper, unleashes a sophomore album, "Engulfed in the Marvelous Decay."

Randy Rainbow: gay satire king, er, queen, at the Masonic

By Gregg Shapiro | Tuesday Nov 16, 2021
Shining brightly through the seemingly impenetrable recent dark storm clouds, Randy Rainbow burst forth with colorful parody songs and videos that provided endless sources of laughs. He'll perform in SF Nov. 20.

Preludes to a kiss: The Lavender Tube on news, and momentous smooches

By Victoria A. Brownworth | Tuesday Nov 16, 2021
While the news media continues to focus on losers, traitors, and murderers, awards shows, dramas, and even animated series smooch it up with gay, trans, and queer teen characters.

Good morning, Baltimore: Drag Race's Nina West headlines 'Hairspray' in San Jose

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Tuesday Nov 16, 2021
Hairspray, the Tony Award-winning musical, will perform November 23-28 at San Jose's Center For the Performing Arts. RuPaul's Drag Race star Nina West heads the cast as Edna Turnblad.

Art as a cause: John R. Killacky's book of essays

By Jim Provenzano | Monday Nov 15, 2021
In his concise collection of essays and interviews, John R. Killacky's book offers behind-the-scenes perspectives on his decades of arts administration, and his own struggle to deal with physical limitations.

50 years in 50 weeks: 'Queer Crips' in 2003

By Jim Provenzano | Monday Nov 15, 2021
In the B.A.R.'s November 13 issue, John R. Killacky shares his experience in becoming disabled, and how using a wheelchair helped him gain more freedom than using a cane at age 51.

Best AIDS films, part 1

By Brian Bromberger | Thursday Nov 11, 2021
This year is the 40th anniversary of the start of the AIDS pandemic. It is worth reflecting on how cinema has portrayed the disease and those afflicted with it.

Going Out, Homing's In, Nov. 12-19, 2021

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday Nov 11, 2021
Get your tickets, queue up to the bar, sit down for a live show, or stroll through the latest art exhibit as this week's events unfurl.

Hollywood interviews: Ruthe Stein's celebrity-filled book

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Wednesday Nov 10, 2021
Ruthe Stein's new book, "Sitting Down With the Stars: Interviews with 100 Hollywood Legends," is packed with selected interviews from her lengthy journalism career, including a number of Oscar winners.

Josie Cotton's more than Johnny's girl

By Gregg Shapiro | Tuesday Nov 9, 2021
In 1982, Josie Cotton released her debut album "Convertible Music," containing the campy new wave single "Johnny, Are You Queer?" She's done much more since then, but was happy to chat about the old days, before her Nov. 13 SF concert at Great Northern.

Frameline, Trans fall filmfests

By Brian Bromberger | Tuesday Nov 9, 2021
Frameline's Fall Showcase, Nov. 11 & 12, will feature four in-person screenings at the Castro Theatre, while the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival will run online from November 11-14.

Mayor Pete: the coming out of American politics

By Brandon Judell | Monday Nov 8, 2021
'Mayor Pete,' a highly moving unveiling of everyone's favorite queer presidential candidate, debuts worldwide on Amazon on Nov. 12. This is the latest of the many offerings produced and/or directed by Jesse Moss.

'Forbidden Letters' - long unseen gay classic at Porn Film Festival

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Friday Nov 5, 2021
A long unseen gay cinema classic will screen at the Brava Theater on November 12. Arthur J. Bressan Jr.'s 1979 'Forbidden Letters' is an X-rated mood piece whose lead actors don't just have sex on camera, they make love.

Going Out, Homing's In, Nov. 5 - 12, 2021

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday Nov 4, 2021
There may be a chill in the air, but arts and nightlife events continue to warm our spirits.

Drag in their family

By Jim Gladstone | Tuesday Nov 2, 2021
Terry Guest, the Chicago-based playwright of "At The Wake of a Dead Drag Queen," shares the inspiration for his play; also, Brava Theater Center hosts the Theyfriend Nonbinary Performance Festival.

Queens, Baes & Ben: new dramas and a Brit detective hunk

By Victoria A. Brownworth | Tuesday Nov 2, 2021
'Queens,' the new ABC musical drama series, reunites a girl group; hunky gay Ben Aldridge plays a gay detective; the docuseries "Tampa Baes" explores lesbian life in Florida; plus, more in our TV column.

Personal pieces: Drew Pisarra's 'You're Pretty Gay'

By Jim Piechota | Tuesday Nov 2, 2021
In queer author and poet Drew Pisarra's second collection of short stories, he really wants you to know all about his feelings, his life, his history, and every nuance in between.

21 thru 40 of 5940