Looking? Sam Asghari Sends Channing Tatum a Hot Pic for New 'Magic Mike' Movie

Tuesday January 11, 2022

Last month Channing Tatum tweeted that a new "Magic Mike" film was in the works.

"Well world, looks like Mike Lane's tapping back in. @hbomax," the 41-year old wrote

At the time, People Magazine reported that the film, written by Reid Carolin, will be directed by Steven Soderbergh, who directed the first film in the franchise released in 2012. It will be released on HBO Max.

"There are no words for how excited I am to blow the doors off of the world of Magic Mike with Steven, Greg, Reid, and the amazing people at HBO Max," Tatum said in a statement obtained by People. "The stripperverse will never be the same."

And actor/trainer Sam Asghari is lobbying for a role in the film by posting a hot IG pic that shows he ready for his Soderbergh close-up. "Magic mike 3 ready," he wrote followed by two emojis, one of a shushing face, the second of muscles.

On his Instagram Stories account he posted a second photo, this one with him wearing a pair of black shorts, repeating the message from his other post.

Whether Tatum or someone from the film has been in touch with Asghari isn't known. What is known is that the bf of Britney Spears recently auditioned for a role on "And Just Like That" to be Carrie Bradshaw's physical therapist, named Travis, but lost the role to another actor, Ryan Cooper.

"The bodybuilder shared a message to his Instagram Story to express his disappointment about the missed opportunity, although he did write: 'Shout out to the dude that got it! It was a dope role,' " reported the Daily Mail.

"Cooper admitted he was initially upset that Asghari — who is engaged to Britney Spears — gained a heap of publicity for losing out on the role as a hunky physical therapist in the 'Sex and the City' spinoff, while he didn't get nearly the same amount of ink," wrote Page Six.

But then he reached out to Asghari with words of encouragement.

"There's the other part that is like, good on ya man," he told Page Six in a recent interview. "That's the world we're in. There's a genuine state of pushing for your dreams and I'm all for that. I wrote to him and said, 'Good on ya, share the wins, share the failures. That's what life is, we're all human beings.' "

"Asghari began his acting career in 2016 when he appeared in a music video for one of Fifth Harmony's songs," reported the Daily Mail "The performer went on to appear in minor roles in programs such as 'Hacks' and 'NCIS.' He was recently featured in three episodes of the Showtime series 'Black Monday,' which stars Don Cheadle. The bodybuilder is currently set to appear in the forthcoming action feature 'Hot Seat,' which will star Mel Gibson."

Check pics from Asghari's IG: