'Yes, It's Real' Says 'Euphoria' Actor Ansel Pierce about Jaw-dropping Bathroom Reveal

Monday January 17, 2022
Originally published on January 14, 2022

He was on "Euphoria's" second season-opener for about 20 seconds and only had one line, but it didn't take long for actor Ansel Pierce to trend.

In the scene that takes place in a bathroom at a rowdy New Year's Eve party, Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) hides in the bathtub (for reasons too lengthy to get into here) when she's interrupted by Pierce, who drunkenly drops his pants and sits on the toilet revealing his enormous penis. When he sees Sydney spying on him, he says, "Oh, fuck. You're really hot but I still got to take a shit. Sorry." To which she sheepishly nods and says "Okay."

As in the recent BPE attention given Adam Demos on Netflix's "Sex/Life" as to whether his sizable member was real last summer, social media went wild with speculation as to whether Pierce was wearing a prosthetic.

@ansel.pierce yeah that was me in euphoria. you guys are killing me ?????? #euphoria #fyp #bathroomguy ? original sound - anselpierce

Pierce responded on TikTok that it is real.

He began by praising "Euphoria" showrunner Sam Levinson, who directed the episode. "And first off, Sam, best director I've ever worked with. Absolute visionary. Best show in the world."

Pierce is a model who has appeared in a number of fashion publications and often shares modeling shots on Instagram, said QNews.

"During his modeling career he has featured in fashion publications such as IMirage Magazine and ERA Magazine," reported the website The Focus. "As per his IMDb, he made his film debut last year as he starred in the 2021 film 'After Masks,' which explored human experiences during the coronavirus pandemic. Pierce also has a couple of commercial credits, including starring in an international Burger King advertisement."

"Euphoria" marked his television acting debut.

Then he answered the question as to his authenticity on both Instagram and TikTok.

"Yes that is me in the bathroom, not a prosthetic. Got a lot of questions. And y'all are fucking hilarious, dude. The amount of TikToks, tweets, the fucking Reddit board. It's like analyzing every little piece of the scene. I mean, this is mind-blowing. I'm fucking laughing my ass off over here. So please, if you find, like, funny tweets, anything referencing this shit, send it my way. This is making my entire fucking day. I am cracking up right now."

@ansel.pierce telling the family about euphoria #euphoria #fyp #bathroomguy #toiletguy #euphoriaseason2 ? original sound - anselpierce

He then shared a second hilarious TikTok skit in which he breaks the news to his family about his debut.

"Guys. I did it. Yep, I booked my first major role. 100% so stoked. I'm gonna be on HBO," he begins enthusiastically, to which his mom (Pierce with a towel on his head) replies, "Oh, we're so proud of you. We can't wait to watch. Oh my gosh. We're gonna save it. We're gonna send it to the whole family. So cool."

But Pierce tells them "No, absolutely not. No, you can't. You can't watch it."

He then explains that "there's a lot of nudity and, like, sex and drugs and violence. I just...I don't really think you guys would, like, like it that much."

Still his parents insist that because it is his first major show, they are going to watch it, which leads Pierce to be blunt about his appearance.

"Yeah, no, my entire cock is out like, full frontal. First scene of the season. Just...dick out."

Things escalate when Pierce's grandmother (again masterfully played by Pierce with a shirt on his head) enters the skit. "We heard from your mother and it sounds like you're doing porn now?"

"No, no, grandma. I'm not doing porn now...it's an HBO show. It's on TV."

Check out these pics from Pierce's IG.