Brazil's President Bolsonaro Uses Gay Slur When Playing Down Pandemic

Wednesday November 11, 2020

Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro is coming under fire this week for using a gay slur while downplaying the COVID-19 pandemic, the Daily Mail reports.

Bolsonaro, who contracted the coronavirus in June, reportedly said he doesn't want people to deal with the virus outbreak like "a country of fags." He also said that "all anyone talks about these days is the pandemic... we need to stop that."

"I regret the deaths. I really do. But we're all going to die someday. There's no use fleeing reality," he said, according to the newspaper. "We have to stop being a country of fags... we have to face up to it and fight. I hate this f****t stuff."

The Daily Mail writes that his comments came "during a meandering speech on Tuesday, supposedly about tourism, in which he also appeared to threaten Joe Biden."