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Jacksonville Library Cancels Pride Prom Event After "Activist Mommy" and Ministry Cause Backlash

by Sam Cronin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday June 25, 2019

The Storybook Pride Prom was scheduled for this Friday at the Willowbranch Library in Jacksonville, and 100 people had signed up to appear as their favorite book characters. Local drag entertainer Beatrice Palmer was booked to make an appearance before her next show, but the Jacksonville Public Library canceled the event Monday morning because the library didn't think it could provide "safety and security for everybody involved," Chris Boivin, library assistant director of community relations and marketing told the Florida Times-Union.

Boivin went on to say that the library had received hundreds of calls both supporting and protesting the Storybook Pride Prom event. The Biblical Concepts Ministry of Jacksonville encouraged people in an email titled "emergency alert" to contact both local pastors and city officials to demand the cancellation of the event, as did popular blogger "The Activist Mommy," Elizabeth Johnston. She asked her hundreds of thousands of Facebook followers to "express your disgust that this perversion is taking place in a taxpayer-funded library."

"We wouldn't be able to make something safe, and we just didn't think it was responsible to continue with something where the threat was that great," Boivin said.

Boivin said there are no plans to reschedule the event within the library, but Beatrice Palmer hopes they do and plans to announce details as they are released.

"You know how to keep 100 people in your library safe," Palmer said. "It is possible to keep 100 kids safe in a library. But when it's gay children, it becomes a problem."

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