Out NYC Weatherman Gets Fired for Nude Screenshots

Monday September 19, 2022

Erick Adame
Erick Adame  (Source:Facebook)

The Daily Beast reports Erick Adame, a New York City meteorologist, lost his job at a media outlet being a morning weatherman after nude screenshots from an online video chat were sent by an anonymous user to his bosses at work as well as his own mother.

In an exclusive, the Daily Beast writes that Adame, a two-time Emmy Award nominee, recently disappeared from his morning spot on NY1's weekday morning show "Mornings on 1."

"A spokeswoman for Charter Communications, NY1's parent company, declined to comment or provide the exact date of Adame's termination."

Adame is "now petitioning a Manhattan judge to force the owners of the internet forum—named in court papers as Unit 4 Media, Ltd.—to identify the people who leaked the NSFW material and deep-sixed his career."

The Daily Beast report continues: "The website itself is not specified in Adame's filing. A site called LPSG.com, however, advises users, 'When you buy an LPSG membership it will appear on your bank statement as Unit 4 Media.' LPSG, which stands for 'Large Penis Support Group,' describes itself as 'the most amazing open-minded fun-spirited sexy adult community' on the internet."

Adame went public with his termination with a lengthy Instagram post in which he writes, "I am taking this opportunity to share my truth rather than let others control the narrative of my life."

He continues to describe what he calls his "reckless" behavior.

"Despite being a public figure and being on television in the biggest market in the country in front of millions of people five days a week for more than decade and a half, I secretly appeared on an adult webcam website. On this site, I acted out my compulsive behaviors, while at home, by performing on camera for other men. It was 100% consensual on both our parts. I wasn't paid for this, and it was absurd of me to think I could keep this private. Nonetheless, my employer found out and I was suspended and then terminated."

Adame proceeds to apologize to family, colleagues, and friends; but was quick to add that he isn't apologizing " for being open gay or for being sex-positive-those are gifts and I have no shame about them."

The Daily Beast contacted Adame for comment on Monday morning. On Monday afternoon, he posted his lengthy IG account.