Gilbert Baker Rainbow25 Flag Heads to P-Town on VACAYA Cruise

Friday May 3, 2019

Gilbert Baker Rainbow25 Flag Heads to P-Town on VACAYA Cruise

The Provincetown Business Guild is partnering with VACAYA on its inaugural LGBTQ Cruise, and to celebrate this first-of-its-kind partnership, Provincetown's carnival flag and sections of the original Gilbert Baker Rainbow25 Sea to Sea Flag will make their way cross country via land, air, and finally sea from West Hollywood to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., to Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and to the Stonewall Inn in New York City before they board the Celebrity Summit for the final leg of their journey to Provincetown on VACAYA's inaugural LGBTQ cruise.

In 2003, the world's longest eight-color rainbow flag (1.25 miles) was unfurled in Key West to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the rainbow flag's debut. Following the event, the massive flag was broken down into sections, which found their way to various cities and organization around the world. Now, the Provincetown Business Guild and VACAYA are bringing those flag sections back together in a community-wide event.

On the morning of August 15, 2019 VACAYA's guests will disembark the Celebrity Summit and deliver to Provincetown its carnival flag and the Sea to Sea Rainbow Flag sections. Local officials and celebrities will welcome VACAYA and simultaneously raise the carnival flag high above the town at the Pilgrim Monument, while the sections of rainbow flag will be reassembled on the beach below the Pilgrim Monument in a celebratory kick off of Carnival Week.

"The rainbow flag represents so much to the LGBTQ community and it's become a universally recognized symbol of peace around the world. This cross-country trek is all about love," said Bob Sanborn, Executive Director of the Provincetown Business Guild.

VACAYA CEO Randle Roper adds, "When we started planning our very first cruise, we looked at destinations around the globe. Ultimately, selecting P-Town was an easy choice for us because it's the number one LGBTQ community in America. We're making history by being the first all-LGBT+ cruise to ever sail to Carnival and we're the largest ship ever to overnight in P-Town. Being here while bringing the Rainbow25 Sea to Sea Flag back together in such a dramatic way will be a moment to remember for all time."

Mark Ebenhoch of Hope, Unity, and Global Equality adds, "As custodians of the historic Rainbow25 Section 93, we're thrilled to be involved with the reunification of the Sea to Sea flag sections in Provincetown. With 2019 being Stonewall's Golden Anniversary, connecting Key West, Provincetown, and VACAYA at this important moment in LGBT history is thrilling for our community."

A Call to Owners of the 2003 Key West Rainbow25 Sea to Sea Flag Sections:
Do you own a section of the original Sea to Sea flag from the 2003 celebration in Key West? If so, you could be an integral part of the Provincetown Carnival kick-off celebration and sail on VACAYA's inaugural cruise to Provincetown. Please contact VACAYA at [email protected].

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