Watch: Remember When Liza Sang 'Single Ladies' at Stanford Blatch's Wedding?

Saturday September 25, 2021
Originally published on September 22, 2021

"The legendary Liza Minnelli will outlive us all," reads the description of the Twitter account Liza Minnelli Outlives, a sometimes humorous account curated with love by @ScottGorenstein.

Today, Gorenstein posted a heartfelt message addressing the death of "Sex and the City" star Willie Garson. "Liza Minnelli has outlived Willie Garson, the hilarious fan favorite who played Sarah Jessica Parker's gay pal Stanford Blatch on 'Sex and the City.'"

But who can forget when Liza crossed paths with the fictional Blatch? That was in "Sex and the City 2" when Liza performed at Blatch's wedding to Carrie's other bay bff Anthony Marentino (Mario Cantone) where she sang Beyonce's "Single Ladies."

At the time, Liza told Contact Music, the Huffington Post reported, that it is "a wonderful number."

"We had a blast. It's rock and roll. Everything is moving! And I just got a whole new knee, so I can promise you everything is moving," she said.

"So, admittedly, Liza's version of 'Single Ladies' isn't quite Beyoncé —but it's so Liza, yes? I think it's sort of genius. Favorite part: When she says 'good luck' at the end. There's something sweet about that," wrote Entertainment Weekly in 2010 upon the film's release.