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California Hits Gatorade in Court for 'Anti-Water' Videogame

| By Kathleen Ronayne | Sep 23
Gatorade has agreed not to make disparaging comments about water as part of a $300,000 settlement reached Thursday with California over allegations it misleadingly portrayed water's benefits in a cellphone game.

Words With Friends Adds 50,000 Pop Culture Words, Including 'Kween' & 'Yas'

| By Mark Kennedy | Sep 19
Among the new words are kween, smize, TFW, turnt, werk, yas - as well as bae and bestie.

Video Game Players Get Varsity Treatment at More U.S. Colleges

| By Collin Binkley | Sep 16
In some ways, they're like typical college athletes. They're on varsity teams. They train for hours between classes. Some get hefty scholarships. But instead of playing sports, they're playing video games.

PopUps: The Internet is Really Into Mario's Nipples

| Sep 14
Yes, Mario has nipples.

Take Me Out to the Screen: VR Baseball a Hit

| By Ronald Blum | Jul 11
The 13-year-old will never catch a 104 mph pitch from Aroldis Chapman. But at the All-Star FanFest, he felt what it's like to be Buster Posey snagging virtual strikes.

Video of Gaming Seattle Officer Discussing Shooting Removed

| Jun 27
After an online outcry, a Seattle Police Department video in which an officer playing a video game discussed the recent fatal police shooting of a pregnant mother has been removed from social media.

From Bleeps of 'Pong' and 'Mario,' Game Music Comes of Age

| By John Leicester | Jun 17
The electronic bleeps and squawks of "Tetris," ''Donkey Kong" and other generation-shaping games that you may never have thought of as musical are increasingly likely to be playing at a philharmonic concert hall near you.

Video Game Hall of Fame Adds 'Halo: Combat Evolved,' 3 More

| By Carolyn Thompson | May 7
The science fiction shooter game that enthralled a legion of fans after its 2001 launch with the Xbox system is one of four games to be inducted into the hall Thursday.

Game Developers Look To China As A New Market For Gay Games

| By Tucker Berardi | Apr 30
Developers are working toward creating a "pink economy," a business model that caters to the LGBT community. The market for LGBT content is growing, and businesses are scrambling to secure their place in the new territory.

'Religious Hatred?' In Russia, Playing Video Games in Church Can Get You Sent Up for 3½ Years

| Apr 30
Russian prosecutors requested a 3½ year prison sentence Friday for a blogger charged with inciting religious hatred for playing "Pokemon Go" in a church.

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