2023 Rewind: EDGE Interview: Silver Fox Colton Ford Says You Can Have It... If You Can 'Handle It'

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 7 MIN.

With his new album "Permission" just released on digital platforms, Ford isn't slowing down. He is making an example of how getting older doesn't mean having a sedentary life. He says the "Handle It" video shows that you can be contemporary and maintain a level of fitness and activity. The only reference he had to turning 60 were his grandparents.

"I certainly don't look like my grandparents," he contends. "So it's a new day and hopefully it'll send a message to people who are younger that it doesn't stop at a certain age. You know, you can still do your thing."

That conviction and creedo are the charges that keep him going. This is a new chapter in his life, and he is, as the song goes, "signed, sealed, delivered" and ready to live it. There is a positivity in his voice as he talks about "Permission" and the aim of his future.

"I'm never gonna be tapped out," he says. "This is just what I do. I don't know that we'll release a full album again because it's not an album market. But we have a large catalog and we wanted to get some of these songs out to the universe and so we put together this record to do that and I'm really, really happy with the way it turned out, and the quality and production of it and all that kind of good stuff."

Colton's Ford's "Permission" is a Woop Woop Productions release and is available now on all major digital platforms. The edited "Handle It" music video is on YouTube. The unedited version can be found on his Just For Fans page and The Sword.

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by Timothy Rawles

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