I Found My Zen in Watermelon Mint CBD Oil


The day-to-day life of a journalist is filled with deadlines, emails, and interruptions. There is so much going on all at once that sometimes it's impossible to keep up. Still, I wouldn't change a thing. They say if you love what you're doing it really isn't work – at least, that is what I keep telling myself. The problem is you also need to incorporate your downtime; between Zooms you must find your Zen. And I think I found mine thanks to a recent assignment.

I was recently given a chance to review CBD products from a company called Soul, an online marketplace that sells a bit of serenity by way of CBD gummies and other goods to keep you focused, relaxed, and well-rested. At least, these are the three things that I wanted help with.

Since I am not familiar with every kind of hemp-based product out there, let alone what to expect from any of them, I left my fate in the educated hands of the experts at Soul. They promptly sent me some items that fit my ailments.

As a side note, everything is legal, which I already knew. Still, I had to do research first, since I was curious how a hemp-based product was permitted to be sold domestically without a medicinal marijuana card. So, for those who aren't sure, CBD derived from hemp is perfectly legal. Hemp and marijuana are related, but the former only has 0.3% of the psychoactive component THC which means you're not going to get high like that "one time in college."

Source: Courtesy Soul

After I got the package from Soul, I couldn't decide which product I wanted to try first. It was a toss-up between the 500mg Watermelon Mint CBD drops or waiting until bedtime and trying the Sleepi Bedtime Gummies. By the way, their packaging is very nice; if a spa treatment was a label, that's what it would look like.

I opted for Sleepi; I often don't get enough rest because of my addiction to binge-watching past seasons of "Love Island" at night. I requested the Blueberry Lemonade gummies. They smelled terrific and I was surprised at how delicious they were. I will say my tolerance for sour things waned in my 50s, so if you want something less tangy, they have other flavors and even a capsule form.

I turned on "Love Island" and awaited the arrival of the CBD sandman, hoping he wouldn't appear before I got a chance to see the finale. Not even halfway through I was falling asleep to the sweet hint of blueberry still in my mouth as my tongue tried to remove any remnants between my teeth. I awoke just over seven hours later without the urge to fall back asleep. There wasn't a hangover, either. Sometimes, when I use straight melatonin, there is an aftereffect in the morning that puts me in a mental fog.

The Soul Gummies didn't do that. Instead, I felt relaxed and less anxious about my day. It was an odd feeling not to be over-invigorated about my backlog. The gummies are now a nightly thing.

Source: Courtesy Soul

Next, it was time to try the Watermelon Mint CBD drops. It was just after lunch and the emails were piling up. My tolerance for anxiety is pretty high, so I thought I'd try the drops to see if that had any effect on my mood. I started with only a quarter of a dropper. One thing about Soul is that they have their flavors down. The oil was light, and the watermelon didn't overwhelm the mint, and vice versa.

I continued to work, but my watch kept pinging me with reminders that threw me out of concentrating. But after about an hour, something strange happened: I was able to be aware of my watch and write without feeling the pressure. It was as if I could compartmentalize everything I had to do while still staying on task. Although this claim can't be proven, I feel like my ADHD was put on hold. Is this Zen?

I haven't increased the quarter-dropper dose because that seems to work fine for me even after a week, but others might need a bit more. The bottle suggests a full dropper, but that can be adjusted.

Soul also sent me their "Big Brain Focus" capsules, and, honestly, I haven't tried them yet because the daily cocktail of the Sleepi Gummies at night and the CDB oil during the day has served me well. I will try them in the future, but given what Soul has done for me already, I think they come through on what their products will deliver.

Source: Courtesy Soul

Finally, I tried their "Puff Be Gone" anti-bloat capsules. I work at my computer all day and Uber Eats pretty much owes me a commission of their profits since I order from them on the daily. I'm not the one to order salads or healthy food. No, I go for the cheesiest burgers, nachos, and fries. Admittedly, it's not a good diet, and I am aware of that thanks to the reminders from my stomach. I thought Puff Be Gone might be helpful to my digestive system until I make a serious change to my diet.

From what I can tell, after a week it has been working pretty well. I don't feel as much nausea or like a stuffed pillow after I eat. I think in the long run these might help my digestive system recover from all my abuse.

So far, I have been really impressed with the Soul products I received. For me, they do everything they describe, and I couldn't be happier (or more well-rested). It's going to take a little time to feel the long-term benefits of their products since I am only a week in, but I do feel a mental change happening.

I still have deadlines to keep, emails to respond to and articles to write, but I seem less worried about being busy and more focused on the work at hand.

by Timothy Rawles

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