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Cher Shares Her Secrets to Staying Young

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Cher is sharing her secrets to turning back time. In an interview with Good Morning Britain on Monday, the entertainment legend talked about aging and how she couldn't believe that she would soon be turning 80, People reported.

"I just can't believe I will be 80 at some point, sooner than I wish," she said. "And I will still be wearing my jeans and I will still be wearing long hair and and I will still be doing the same stuff I've always done."

Youth is about how you feel on the inside, the "If I Could Turn Back Time" singer added. And she said she still feels young as ever.

"I remember when my friend Paulette and I were talking about when we were going to have to cut our hair and stop wearing jeans, because it seemed like in those days that's what women did," she said. "And it hasn't hit yet."

In addition to inheriting her mother's gift of song, Cher shared that long life also runs in the family. Her mother Georgia recently died at the age of 96.

"The genes in my family are pretty amazing," she said. "I don't know if not feeling old makes you younger. I keep up with the trends. I have lots of young friends. I have old friends too. Honestly I'm not trying to feel young. I'm not trying to be young. I am who I am. I'm just getting along."

And we love her for it!

When she turned 77 in May, the singer declared that age is just a number.

"Will someone please tell me when will I feel old?" she posted to Twitter. "I keep hearing these numbers, but I Honestly can't understand them."

Keep going, queen.

by Emell Adolphus

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