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Modern Families Doing it Right! A Look at Hollywood's Hottest Gay Dads

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Father's Day is a time to celebrate the people who played an important role in our growing up, and when it comes to out celebrities, it's also a time to appreciate their abs (whether they're achieved from playing outdoors with their kids or getting to the gym in-between playdates), the adorable parenting moments they share with us, and the glorious salt-and-pepper beards that come with age.

We'd like to wish these gorgeous queer men a very happy Father's Day, and thank them for the tireless work they do in being incredibly hot and raising kids – both very important roles that make the world a better place. We'll be celebrating their passionate parenting and six-packs in equal measure. Take a look at our list of the hottest queer dads to celebrate this Father's Day!

Cheyenne Jackson

Actor and singer (and keeper of glorious salt-and-pepper beard) Cheyenne Jackson has been married to fellow actor Jason Landau since September 2014, and they've been parenting twins Willow and Ethan since 2016. Jackson posts photos with their kids quite often, joyfully sharing the adventures they get up to and his pride in how they're growing up. Last year, he shared an adorable moment when his kids "came out" to him at dinner. Willow announced out of the blue that she doesn't think she's gay; Ethan then, "without missing a beat and without looking up from his food goes, 'Yeah, I'm not gay either. But I want to go to the parade.'" They stood by that, it seems, as Jackson's post from Pride this year shows his kids very cheerfully joining celebrations at the parade.

Tom Daley, Dustin Lance Black

The British Olympic diver, author of children's book "Jack Splash," and avid knitter returned to diving this year after a two-year break because his son, Robbie said "'Papa, I want to see you dive in the Olympics." Since then, Daley has been delighting us all with videos as he gets back into Olympic shape for the Paris 2024 event, which he has officially qualified for. Daley's husband, Dustin Lance Black, shared a super cute video (below) of six-year-old Robbie welcoming Tom home at the airport with a colorful handmade sign that reads "welcome home and congratulations." We're thrilled that we'll be able to support this out gay sportsman competing at the Olympics, and we're very happy that his sporting excellence means more videos for us of the diver's strong thighs and body gracefully tumbling through the air in tiny speedos.

Jeremiah Brent, Nate Berkus

Interior designers Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus have two kids together, Poppy and Oskar, each with their own beautifully-designed bedrooms (complete with lego pieces arranged by color). Jeremiah Brent has joined the "Queer Eye" team as their home renovation go-to in the season which they've just finished filming, which will undoubtedly bring out a more playful side to the chic, incredibly handsome man. We can't wait to see what fun projects and gay shenanigans the Fab Five got up to since he's joined them!

Karamo Brown, and Jason Brown attend the premiere of Netflix's "Queer Eye" Season 1 at Pacific Design Center on February 7, 2018 in West Hollywood, California.
Source: Emma McIntyre/Getty Image

Karamo Brown

"Queer Eye" host and the first out gay Black man with his own daytime TV show Karamo Brown had an unusual and deeply emotional journey to fatherhood, but has embraced being a dad since he found out that he had a son named Jason, and has since adopted Jason's half-brother as well. Brown has shared that meeting Jason, who was ten-years-old at the time, encouraged him to get sober and saved his life. Brown's patience, generosity, and empathy is showcased as he works with the "Queer Eye" heroes each week, and (though his kids are in their 20s now), we're sure it's helped with his parenting, too.

With his stubble that's always sculpted to the gods, a face that never stops serving from every angle, and a passion for sharing photos of his boyfriend's abs, there are so many reasons to celebrate Karamo –today and everyday!

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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